Bibenda awards its 5-Grape Cluster rating to Segnana’s Solera Selezione grappa

26 December 2018

Segnana’s Solera Selezione grappa has been awarded a 5-Grape Cluster rating by Bibenda, one of the most authoritative Guides in the wine and spirit sector. “A masterly amalgam of fruity and (both sweet and dark) spicy tones, candied fruit, pastry-like notes, hints of roasted coffee beans and woody nuances”: that is how the Solera Selezione is described in the Guide. This grappa stems from a very strict “Selection” of the pomace to be distilled, part of which derives from the Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes that have been gently pressed to produce Ferrari’s sparkling wines. This careful choice gives the final product great complexity, accompanied by an elegance guaranteed by a method of distillation patented by Segnana, that of the re-distillation of the flegma, as well by ageing in barriques for at least 5 years using the Solera method, by means of which one obtains a blend of at least 5 different vintages. The Solera is not the only one of Segnana’s grappas to be included in the Bibenda Guide, which awarded 4 Grape Clusters to both the Traminer grappa – defined as having “a highly aromatic bouquet and a gentle, well-balanced mouthfeel”- and that from Pinot Nero, described thus: “it has a broad, mellow nose, with hints of wild fruits, prunes, fine spices and aromatic herbs.”