“Alto Rilievo”, Segnana launches a new line of «Riserva» grappas, aged in special Sherry and Whisky barrels

12 March 2019

The Segnana Distillery presents its new Alto Rilievo (“High Relief”) line, which adds two very particular grappas to the collection, made with long, slow ageing in barrels previously used for Spanish Sherry and for Scotch Whisky. A very evocative brand name has been given to these two products; one which raises the creation of grappas to an art form, in that their production calls for expertise and passion: the same passion that Master Distiller Mirko Scarabello – since last year also President of the Institute for the Protection of Grappa from Trentino – has dedicated to them over many years of research and experimentation. The result is two fine “Riservas”, constantly supervised during their ageing in order to bring out to the full the aromas and flavours that the barrels, previously used for other alcoholic drinks, were able to impart. Alto Rilievo is also a term that is intimately linked with the mountain viticulture that is typical of Trentino and recalls the concept of superior quality that translates itself into the unique aromatic characteristics of these grappas. The Grappa Segnana Riserva Alto Rilievo – Aged in Sherry Barrels stands out with its delicate and unexpected vinous scents and aromas of citrus, nuts and candied fruits; its deep amber colour, deriving from its long sojourn in wood, acts as a prelude to a velvety mellowness and a long, aromatic aftertaste. The Grappa Segnana Riserva Alto Rilievo – Aged in Whisky Barrels becomes enriched during its maturation – in barrels from some famous distilleries on the island of Islay, in Scotland – by distinctive smoky and peaty notes that are typical of the outstanding whiskies from the island. Another novelty in 2019 is a change of label for the Grappa Solera Selezione, which becomes Segnana Solera Collezione; nothing else changes except for the name, which now confers even greater exclusivity on the product, making it into a true collector’s grappa.